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Tooth Colored Restorations

A composite resin “filling” or restoration, the color of “tooth enamel” can be used to fill cavities while maintaining a more natural look than traditional metal fillings. It can also be used to repair fissures and chips. This material actually “bonds” into the channels inside the tooth, therefore diminishing the chance of leaking and recurrent decay.

There are many different kinds of composite resins thus strength and shine are dependent on the type used. We prefer the nanohybrid “Filtek Supreme Plus” by 3M ESPE. Resin composite materials may also be used as “bonding” to reshape and recontour teeth. It is often used to close gaps or place “facings” or “chairside” custom shaped veneers from filling material, but is not usually as permanent of a restoration as porcelain. Tooth colored restorations may also be fabricated into porcelain inlays and onlays that are cemented into/onto the tooth. They are very natural appearing posterior restorations.



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