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Crowns (Caps) & Bridges

A crown might be recommended if you have a deeply cracked, worn or fractured tooth, a tooth with a large restoration (filling), you have undergone a root canal, or you have a tooth that is abnormally small, strangely shaped, very discolored or has significant defects affecting it’s health or stability.



Crowns are designed to strengthen, restore damaged and severely decayed teeth that have minimal remaining structure for adequate support. When the affected tooth does not have structure necessary for support of biting forces, then it risks breaking, fracture or tooth loss. The tooth may require internal structural support with a filling called a “restoration under the crown or RUC.” The repaired tooth is then shaped so it can be protected by a crown. The crown is a three-dimensional support for the tooth and may be fabricated by combinations of metal and porcelain, all metal or all porcelain, depending on the support required of the bite. Crowns can be anchors for “bridges” that connect teeth together over the area of a single or multiple missing teeth. They are an investment that can save your tooth from further damage but still requires excellent oral hygiene to protect the vulnerable margins to recurrent decay.




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