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Dentures (Removable & Fixed) and Partial Dentures

To ensure the most comfortable natural and esthetic result, dentures and removable partials must be custom fit to an individual’s mouth and gums. Dentures and partials that are correctly fabricated and adjusted will restore a natural looking smile, bite and function. During the aging process, bone and gum tissue naturally diminish, therefore creating eventual need for rebuilding the support in the denture. Sometimes, in cases of severe bone loss, stabilizing dentures with as few as two “locator” implants per arch in increase stability, comfort and biting strength.

Fixed or “permanent” dentures may also be referred to as Hybrid Dentures. These are attached to multiple implants that have been placed in the arch (usually 5-6) with a custom cast framework that is attached and the denture is then attached into the framework. The patient is not able to remove the denture but is able to clean around and under it. The hygienist checks the prosthesis yearly, removes, cleans and the dentist reattaches it painlessly.

Our doctors achieve the most natural and most comfortable denture result by custom setting the teeth chairside with the patient, assessing esthetics, function, speech and comfort. The prosthesis is initially completed in was and the patient is able to have a sample “try-in” prior to fabrication of the dentures. In cases of extractions followed by immediate denture treatment, the patient is able to preview their result prior to extraction surgery.


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