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Limited Orthodontics

Limited orthodontics is designed to address a problem with the positioning of the teeth that involves only a few teeth or it may involve full mouth braces to correct mild misalignment of the teeth if the skeletal relationship is normal. Essentially, it is used to correct isolated problems such as mild crowding, spacing, uprighting or repositioning of a few teeth. It is also utilized if trauma has moved the teeth and they need repositioned. Frequently, adults who previously wore braces but now experience some drift of their teeth, desire treatment with conservative orthodontic therapy. Our largest group of patients is adults who want to improve their smile without the time and financial commitment that is involved with full braces.

Treatment may simply use removable appliances with action springs, transparent aligners or bonded brackets, determined by the movement desired of the tooth in coordination with esthetic concerns. Movement requires healthy & adequate teeth, gums, bone, space, force and time.

Most limited orthodontic cases are completed in less than 6 months of time and provide a lifetime of pleasure enjoying your new smile. Fees typically range from $600 to $2000. Occasionally dental insurance offers some coverage for adult orthodontics, however, it is most important to check your plan for its age specific requirements.


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