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Oral Cancer Screening – Powell, OH

Potentially Lifesaving Oral Cancer Detection

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Many people assume that going to the dentist for routine checkups is just to make sure you don’t have any cavities. However, these appointments examine much more than just the health of your dental structure. In fact, we provide oral cancer screenings as part of your routine checkups at Powell Dental, making these visits potentially lifesaving. With the number of cases of oral cancer continuing to grow each year, it’s vital that you and your loved ones receive regular oral cancer screenings.

Why Choose Powell Dental Group for Oral Cancer Screenings?

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

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Thankfully, oral cancer is curable if it’s caught early on, making detection essential. Many symptoms are hard to notice on your own, but you should be on the lookout for these common warning signs:

What Does My Dentist Look for During an Oral Cancer Screening?

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Dentists alone catch about 84% of oral cancers early on, giving their patients their best chance at a full recovery. While this disease is becoming more common even among those who don’t smoke or use tobacco, the recovery rate is still much higher than other cancers if caught in its early stages. Our experienced dentists will check your mouth for any of the symptoms listed above or asymmetries that could tip off cancer. You may have even received an oral cancer screening before without even knowing it because they can be completed in a matter of minutes.

What Should I Expect During My Oral Cancer Screening?

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During your oral cancer screening, we’ll examine your mouth and head both visually and physically. This easy, noninvasive screening is the best way to detect oral cancer while it’s still small. First, we will carefully examine your lips, mouth, cheeks, throat, tongue, tonsils, head, and any other related areas for warning signs of cancer. After, we will feel along your jawbone and neck to check for any lumps or bumps that could be a cause for concern. If we do find any signs or symptoms, we may recommend a biopsy to further investigate. We have an OralID oral cancer screener, which literally illuminates abnormalities in the mouth to make the symptoms quick and easy to spot.

While we never want to find cancer, it’s vital that we detect this health issue to give you a shot at a full recovery. Unfortunately, untreated oral cancer can have serious effects and can even lead to death. If you haven’t received a routine screening in the last year, contact our office right away to set up an appointment.

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